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Want to share your work with an English-speaking audience?

I'm a translator and editor who specialises in medical research, from scientific journal articles to clinical trials on new vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Other areas I work in include medical communications, patient information and health-focused humanitarian projects. I translate from French and Italian into English, and I edit English writing.


With over ten years’ translation experience and a background in healthcare, I work for a range of demanding clients including universities, NGOs, pharmaceutical industry partners and individual researchers.





If English is not your first language, I can edit your writing to make it clear, accurate and engaging. This helps to ensure your work gets a fair reading, improving your chances of publication.

I specialise in medical and academic copy-editing, particularly journal articles and health-related research reports.


I also revise translations, localise from US to UK English, and edit patient information into plain English.


From French and Italian to English.

Types of text that I work with include:

  • Medical journal articles

  • Clinical study protocols

  • Clinical study reports

  • Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

  • White papers

  • Clinical study correspondence

  • AE reports and medical reports


From French and Italian to English.


Types of text that I work with include:

  • Patient information – including on COVID-19

  • Apps and websites

  • Press releases

  • Humanitarian aid and international development reports

  • SmPCs and package leaflets

  • Certified translations of health professionals' qualifications


"Marga translated my material thoughtfully and conscientiously, engaging sensitively with the text and making my life significantly easier. She found an excellent balance between literal and stylish translation, demonstrating her skills as a linguist and a writer, allowing me to gain greater access to the text myself. She followed the layout of the original and sent me notes on the original to explain some trickier sections, which were extremely helpful. She was sensitive to my particular needs and understanding of French, and worked with me to clarify the text areas I needed to understand. She was efficient about keeping me informed of progress, negotiating the precise workload, processing invoices and in all other communication."

Dr Cressida Ryan, University of Oxford


My unusual career history reflects my lifelong fascination with both medicine and languages. I had worked as an in-house translator, medical secretary, video subtitler and health information adviser before settling down as a medical translator and editor in 2009.


I have an MA in Professional Translating and am a qualified member of the UK Institute of Translation & Interpreting. Less formally, I regularly attend workshops on subjects ranging from diabetes treatments to editing skills – and can sometimes even be found presenting them!

I work with a team of trusted colleagues to give you the availability and expertise you need, but I never outsource projects entirely. You can be sure that I will work on your text, either as the main translator or editor or as a reviser – so you always know what you’re getting.

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Published translations:

Recent projects:

  • Translating best practice guidelines and other publications for a French public health authority

  • Editing manuscripts on glaucoma treatment, polycystic ovary syndrome, and migration and health

  • Translating the website of an Italian company that provides patient support programmes

  • Translating a sample chapter for submission to publishers, and editing several journal articles, for a French anthropologist researching traditional medicine

Please contact me for a PDF copy of my full portfolio with sample translations and editing case studies.



Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like a quotation, samples of my work, a sample edit or just to talk about how I can help.

I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: +44 (0)191 284 1541
Mobile: +44 (0)7834 242864

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