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“We just wanted to say how impressed we were with the quality of your work, which is exceptional. Thank you once again for your prompt and efficient service.” 

– Howard Eeles, The Marlow Language Centre 

Angela Dickson
I commissioned Marga to revise a translation I had done for a new client, for which style was particularly important. She provided some excellent and incisive comments and constructive suggestions for improvement, and the outcome was a highly polished translation for my client's website.” 

Angela Dickson, freelance translator

Dr Cressida Ryan
“Marga translated my material thoughtfully and conscientiously, engaging sensitively with the text and making my life significantly easier. She found an excellent balance between literal and stylish translation, demonstrating her skills as a linguist and a writer, allowing me to gain greater access to the text myself. She followed the layout of the original and sent me notes on the original to explain some trickier sections, which were extremely helpful. She was sensitive to my particular needs and understanding of French, and worked with me to clarify the text areas I needed to understand. She was efficient about keeping me informed of progress, negotiating the precise workload, processing invoices and in all other communication.”

Dr Cressida Ryan, Oxford University

Bronwen Davies
"I recently contacted Marga for some professional advice. Her reply was friendly and very thorough, answering each one of my queries."

– Bronwen Davies, Watership Translations

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